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February 28th, 2012 | Entertainment | 2 Comments »

Story, image, and video by Kylie Wazonek

Durham College and UOIT  students have the opportunity to join one of the many different campus clubs on campus. Some of these clubs include the Drama Club, the Digital Art Club, the H.E.R – Hip Hop in it’ Essence and Realness Club and the Salsa Club.

Students who are interested in joining a club can go to the Student Association (SA)  website, go under the campus club section and email the club president with their student ID number and reason why they would like to join that specific club.

SA Campus Clubs Office

Durham College and UOIT students who go under the club section on the website and don’t see a certain club that they would like to join can create their own club. Students who are interested in creating their own club can do so by making sure that their idea does not interfere with another club that the SA has already approved. They also need to print and fill out a Club Ratification Package that is located on the SA website. There must also be at least ten members who are willing to be in the club.

“I wanted to get involved in something fun and artistic like this (creating the drama club) at school and I happened to meet someone who had the same idea,” said the Drama Club president, Amber Dawn Vibert.

“Making a club was a lot more difficult than I originally expected,” said Sedona Parnham, the Digital Art Club president. “We’re working on trying to have club members put their best work into galleries, such as the annual campus art gallery, among other things. We’re still growing and improving, and we hope to make an even bigger impact next year.”

Once you have your Campus Club idea and your package is finished, bring it to the Student Association office to get it approved. In the video underneath, the Vice President of Campus Clubs (Interim) Edward Draycott explains the benefits of joining a club.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    H.E.R. is no longer a club on campus. It was removed, just like the Cheerleading team.

  2. Kylie Wazonek says:

    I’m sorry for the confusion but you must have gotten the wrong informaion. I talked to the hip hop club president before writing this story.

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