DC student in the running to open for Lights

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Story, photo and video by Caley Bedore

First year DC student, Ambre Foley, makes it to the second round in the Open for Lights contest.

“The song and performance I used for my audition tape is dedicated to my best friend.” says Durham College student Ambre Foley, who has made it to the second round in the Open For Lights contest. “She had been to every one of my performances before that,
but couldn’t make it to that one because she was in a really serious car accident.”

The Open For Lights contest awards one school in Canada a free concert from pop star Lights, with a student from that school opening the show.  Foley says that she figured she might as well enter the contest.  “I figured that there was no harm in entering,” she says. “It is worth a shot.”

Foley has made it through to the second round and says actually winning the contest would be amazing.  “Of course anyone would be excited to win the contest and open for a concert,” she says. “It would be a great opportunity.”

To enter the contest students upload a video of themselves performing and wait for the public to vote. A panel of judges will then decide where the concert will be held by picking one person from the performances with the most votes.  The winner will open for Lights as well.  Foley says that she is a fan of Lights but her favourite kind of music to sing is country.

“I feel like some country music has more meaning to it,” she says. “A lot of music today is so random, I like to sing songs that have a story.”

The 18-year-old Havelock, Ontario native says that she has been singing from a young age and has always been around music.
“I have a very musical family so it’s a great support group,” says Foley. “I love music and singing is something I’ve always done.”

To vote for Foley or check out what other DC and UOIT students have entered go to the SA website. If our campus wins, one voter will have the chance to win $1000!

Check out this vocal preview!

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