UOIT adds women’s varsity soccer

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Story, image and video by Nathan MacKinnon.

Athletic coordinator Scott Barker works his way through the 32 applications for UOIT's women's soccer coach.

UOIT’s soccer program is no longer giving women a figurative red card. The Ridgebacks will be adding a female soccer team to their varsity line up starting in the 2012-2013 school year.

While the college already has a women’s soccer team, the Ridgebacks’ varsity soccer program is currently men’s only.


Steven Clarey reaches 500 career points

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Story, photo and video by Brea Bartholet.

Steven Clarey, team captain of the Lord's Men's Volleyball Team

One of the Durham Lords team members has reached a career goal.  Steven Clarey, the team captain of the men’s volleyball team, has hit 500 points this season.  A personal achievement, Clarey is proud to have reached such a goal in his volleyball career.

Clarey, who is in his fourth year at Durham College, says he never imagined he would be playing varsity volleyball, since it was never one of his first interests when he was younger.  Growing up as a hockey and baseball player, he began to play volleyball in grade 11.  His love for the sport grew, which sparked the interest to continue playing in college.


Dentist Clinic at Durham College

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Video, picture, and text by Krystin Edgerton.

The dental clinic, located at the Oshawa campus of Durham College, offers teeth cleaning to the public. The video below explains the care you will receive from the students for the affordable price of 30 dollars.

Bistro Max re-opens its doors

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Story, image and video by Kyle Sharp


Dave Hawey isn't just a professor, he's also a chef.

Who says a gourmet meal has to cost an arm and a leg?

Durham College’s affordable dining experience, Bistro Max is reopening for its winter term February 2nd. The makeshift restaurant located in a classroom at nearby high school, Maxwell Heights, is run by the Hospitality Management and Culinary Skills programs. Chef and lead faculty of culinary programs, David Hawey expects the opening to be a huge success.


That’s just my opinion

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Story and image by Renita Naraine.

Can you get different reactions from the same assignment?

Thousands of dollars later, this should be the best opportunity and experience of my life. I have tried to take advantage and make the most out of my time at Durham College, but sometimes I feel like I’m being held back.

Positive feedback feels nice and great marks make me happy, but recently I have felt discouraged and let down. The positive feedback and great marks continue, but I’m realizing that negative feedback and harsher marking schemes are what I needed.  Negative feedback could have been constructive criticism and harsher marking schemes might have made me work harder to achieve a better grade.


Canadian astronaut visits UOIT

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Video by Kyla Morgan

Canadian astronaut Dr. Dave Williams touched down at UOIT on Jan. 30. He shared his insights on the use of information technology in health care with members of the university’s Business and IT program.

Should Durham College Journalism students have more time to find a placement?

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Second year Journalism student Zak Mclachlan stressing over finding a placement

Story and photo by Adam Frauts

In my experience as a Journalism student, here at Durham College, finding a placement in seven weeks has been stressful.

Yes, we were warned at the beginning of the school year that we should start looking ASAP for an internship and I actually found my future placement through a co-worker. Our professors have helped us a lot in our efforts to find placement and without them I likely would have given up a long time ago.  Thankfully everything worked out for me, but I know others that are struggling to find something.


Lords Tip-Off Against First Ranked Colts

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Story, image and video by Mickey Djuric

Durham Lords Men's basketball team is looking to add another trophy for Durham College.

A rivalry that brings out the fans and gets the players blood pumping will take place at the Campus Recreation Centre January 31st,  at 8 p.m.

In the East,the Durham Lords basketball team, currently ranked three, will host the first place Centennial Colts. Durham, who’s on a winning streak, is looking to win their sixth straight game in a row.


Riot Radio has something for everyone

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Story, image and video by Stephanie Cooper.

Riot Radio has started their season by running a live music feed on their website and keeping fans up-to-date via Facebook and Twitter. Last Thursday Riot Radio hosted their official launch party and they’ve piqued interest among students. Students have the opportunity  to volunteer at the station either behind the scenes or assisting on shows.

The Riot Radio has a comfortable sound-proof recording studio with some of the best technology available.

“We have just under 50 programs by students at Riot Radio,” said Reisha Prasad, the News and Media Director at Riot Radio.


Class of 2012 Grad Photos are coming to an end.

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Video by Kylie Wazonek

Grad photos for Durham College and UOIT students are coming to an end on February third. Students can book their appointment by visiting the SA website or by contacting Lassman Studios. A photographer from Lassman Studios, Ben Huang explains how he got involved in the business .