Attending Convocation

March 6th, 2012 | News | No Comments »

Story and video by Kylie Wazonek.

Sitting down for a number of hours, listening to a long list of names being called and having to wear a non-flattering gown.  That’s right, it’s your graduation ceremony.

Although the idea of attending your graduation may seem boring I believe it will actually be beneficial. Students will have the opportunity to not only experience the whole ceremony with their friends, teachers and family but also experience it just for themselves.

Durham College Convocation Website

It’s the student’s time to shine.  The Convocation ceremony represents all of the student’s hard work and their overall success throughout their college experience.

Part of the experience of attending your graduation is getting the chance to get ready for it. Convocation is a formal event and students will have to dress appropriately. Personally, I will be shopping for a new dress and possibly new shoes.  I’ll make sure my hair is done nicely and I’ll be getting a pedicure/manicure. It’s the joy of getting ready for an event. We all did it for high school; why not do it again for post secondary schooling?