DC News Webast for March 22, 2013

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In this week’s DC News webcast: arrests cap a scary home invasion near campus, Pangea takes to the stage and all the rest of your sports and entertainment updates. This week’s webcast was produced by Ray McNeil and the associate producer was Phil Petrovski.

Chad Brownlee Live at E.P. Taylor’s

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Story, photo and video by Chealse Howell
Photos in video courtesy of The Agency Group Ltd

Put on your cowboy hats ladies and gents because one of Canada’s country stars is coming to E.P Taylor’s.

Chad Brownlee (MDM Recordings Inc./ Universal Music Canada) has had a great few months in the country music world. He was nominated in 2012 for a Canadian Country Music Award in the Male Artist of the Year category and performed live on the nationally-broadcast awards show on the CBC last September.

Brownlee is currently touring through Canada and is making a stop in the Durham Region on March 13th. Tickets are now on sale at the Tuck Shop for $7.00 for students and $10.00 for guests. If any tickets are left over from the advance sale, they will be available at the door for students at $10.00 and $15.00 for guests. The event is all ages but get your tickets fast because there is limited space available and only one guest per student.


Make your own clothing at Durham College

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Story, image and video by Chealse Howell

Creating your own clothing, such as t-shirts, shorts, and long sleeve shirts, just became easier for students and staff at Durham College and UOIT. Artist Den Print Studio, located in the Student Centre, above E. P. Taylor’s, is not only printing on paper, but are now printing logos and images on pretty much any article of clothing.

They started creating prints for clothing in the summer, but the business has picked up as students and staff found out about this service when classes started.


TAGS meet and greet

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Story, video and image by Robynne Henry.

A Durham College student plays with Boscotti


When looking to adopt a pet one of the charities people can turn to is TAGS, The Animal Guardian Society, who visited Durham College and UOIT on Monday, January 21st.

One of the events TAGS puts together is meet and greets in pet stores, where they bring in dogs or cats that are being fostered.  This gives people a chance to see the animals that need homes. The event that took place on Monday at Durham College/UOIT is their first time going to a school, and it was through an invitation by the Student Association.

“We were invited here by the Student Association to be present for distress and ‘Blue Monday’,” said volunteer Karen Koene “This is a new event for us, and hopefully we can continue it. We are pleased to be here.”

“TAGS is an animal rescue,” said Koene. “We rescue from high kill organizations, and owner surrenders.” TAG has rescued animals from local pounds in Ontario and shelters  who are filled to capacity after hurricanes and cannot handle all of the needs. There are about 50 rescues in Ontario that TAGS has on their list, and they take as many animals as they can.


Shop and Win at the Tuck Shop!

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Josh Golin, First year ECE student filling out his Shop & Win ballot.


Story, photo and video by Ashley Anthony

The campus tuck shops, along with the Student Association, are putting on a student appreciation event this week at DC and UOIT, giving full-time students a chance win an iPad mini.

Shop & Win runs from January 21st to the 25th and all students have to do is purchase any item from the north campus, the Whitby campus or downtown campus tuck shops to participate .

“There are three iPads to be won, one at each location,” said Jennifer Neitzel, coordinator of retail services at Durham College and UOIT.

Students receive one ballot per transaction and the draw for the iPad mini is on Monday, January 28th.

“The student will get a call Monday and they will have five days to come pick up their prize,” said Neitzel, “If they don’t come pick it up then we will draw a new name.”

Along with the draw all of the tuck shops have special on-sale items including large dollar coffees and pop, dollar chocolate bars and gum packs and $2.50 Monster energy drinks.  Products and prices may very by location but each tuck shop has specialty items on sale for students.

“The winner has to be a current student at either Durham College or UOIT with a valid student card,” said Neitzel. “If you don’t want to purchase anything all you have to do is just fill out a questionnaire and we will give you a ballot to enter the draw.”

The draw ballots will not be given to students who purchase GO Transit passes or a refill on Durham Transit Presto passes. For your chance to win visit a Tuck Shop close to you!

Lords set to battle some Grizzlies

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Story and image by Ray McNeil

An uphill battle is never easy, and for the Durham Lords men’s basketball team, that’s exactly what they face in their upcoming opponents, the Georgian Grizzlies.

After their most recent defeats against Algonquin and Centennial, the team is still fighting for their first victory of the new year.

“They need to find a way to hopefully get back in the win-call. They’ve been far and few between this season,” said Athletic Director Ken Babcock.

Having only scored three victories since November, a win for the Lords at the January 23rd conference game against the Grizzlies will help give the Lords a push up in the standings. Currently the Lords are ranking eighth in the East Conference.

The current lineup for the 2012-13 Durham Lords men’s basketball team, located in F-Wing.

“Anyway they can work hard, and outplay a team, and steal a win on the road is what we’re all hoping for,” said Babcock.

Despite a underwhelming first half to the season, the head coach for the team, Desmond Rowley, has found much success with the Lords in the past, leading the team during the 2010-11 season to win their first David Stewart Tip-Off Tournament title in 13 years, as well as hosting the 2011 CCAA national championship for the first time in the school’s history.

In Rowley’s first year with the team, DC went 16-4 during the regular season, their best win record since 1997-98 season, and the Lords have qualified for the post season every year since Rowley began coaching the team.

Babcock explains that the East Conference is a very difficult one to play in. “This time of year it’s the veteran teams, and the experienced teams, that seem to have the upper hand in the second half of the college basketball season, and we have a very young team, so there’s lots of challenges for us.”

The game will be played at Georgian College in Barrie, with a start time scheduled for 8 p.m. It will also start the Lords off on a four-game road trip, where they will be playing teams from Seneca, Cambrian, and Loyalist College.

Babcock hopes to make the playoffs this year, and going forward he said everyone is “keeping their fingers crossed.”

SALS: Students & Plagiarism

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Writing specialist for SALS, Leslie Linstrum.


Story, image and video by Ray McNeil.

While the Toronto District School Board searches for a person to replace former Director of Education Chris Spence, the question remains: How can someone in such an important position plagiarize for so long without getting caught?

“In some ways it’s surprising, in other ways it’s not,” said writing specialist Leslie Linstrum. “It’s disappointing, and hopefully is a wakeup call to people to have more integrity when they’re researching and writing.”

Linstrum works at the Student Academic Learning Services (SALS) on campus, which provides online materials and in-person workshops to educate students on what plagiarism is, and how they can avoid it.


Final round for #openforlights contest

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Story and image by Ana Pautassi.

After weeks of singing and submitting auditions, the final round has begun!

As of March 12 at 12:01 a.m., students throughout Canada can start voting for their favourite, undiscovered solo artist from their school.  The winner of this competition will not only win a concert from Lights for his or her school but also be the opening act that night.

Open for Lights concert is in its final round. Vote now!

The Open for Lights contest has been running since February 27. DC and UOIT students have been submitting their videos weekly and points have been awarded each week according to the number of votes each video received (one vote = one point). The musicians with the highest amount of points  from each school will have their videos shown to a panel of five celebrity judges.

The finalist from each school will be revealed at the end of the week. Judges will receive the finalist’s videos on Monday.

“Each judge will get a criteria sheet. They will judge on the creativity, talent and the actual video,” explained Crystal Bennett, community development of Student Life Network, who is running the competition.

The winner will be notified on March 22 at 3 p.m. after the judges have cast their votes and the free concert will take place on March 29.  Not only will there be a concert but a student from the winning school that voted will be entered to win $1000.

“We are leaving some things a surprise,” said Bennett, who said some judges might be revealed later this week and some prizes might also be given away at the concert.

Students can still submit videos even if they haven’t participated in previous weeks.

“New entries could still make it to the judging panel, it is all about the votes,” said Bennett.

Entries for DC and UOIT are up on the SA website. Voting closes March 18 at 11:59 p.m.

UOIT/DC Men’s Soccer Teams Host Charity Cup

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Story, image and video by Mickey Djuric

The team captain of UOIT men's soccer, Michael Heinrich, is spear heading the Charity Cup event on March 30.

The UOIT and DC men’s soccer teams are putting together the first annual Charity Cup event on March 30, where the two teams will be seen squaring off against each other.

The event is to raise money and awareness about Their Opportunity, a local charity  that gives youth the opportunity to enroll in local sports programs when they don’t have the means otherwise.

The teams collectively decided on the charity, and decided Their Opportunity was the best fit because it gives back to the local community. The captain of the UOIT men’s soccer team, Michael Heinrich, is spearheading the initiative. “It’s a responsibility of being a captain, to take on challenges, take on being a leader, and setting an example,” he said.

The match will be at 7 p.m. in gym one and two in the Campus Recreation Centre. It’s not a free event, but any cash donation will get students and guests through the door.


Saving money with coupons

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Story and image by Ana Pautassi

Every penny counts and coupons help save you that extra money.

The Campus Food Bank not only supplies food for people who need it but they also provide coupons to help save extra money for other needed products.  From food, personal items, entertainment and household items, there is something for everyone.

“They are very beneficial because you get stuff almost for free,” said Blessing Stephen, volunteer at the food bank.