A Profile on Shelly Kowalski

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Self portrait of Shelly Kowalski

Story written by Robynne Henry, photo taken by Shelly Kowalski.

Keeping up with a busy schedule seems to be the norm for full time students, and for Shelly Kowalski, it’s all part of a normal day.

“I’m very busy juggling classes,” she said. “My responsibilities with the Society of Media, Art and Design, my own side photography business, work and shooting assignments.”

Kowalski is the President of the Society of Media, Art and Design, she was appointed to the role last year.

“I won the position last year during election period,” she said about being elected president. “No one else ran against me, so I automatically won the position.”

The Society of Media, Art and Design works to promote the arts at Durham College, and provide inspiration for students in the Media, Art and Design (MAD) programs.

“As a society, we seek to provide students with a positive community experience and an enriched cultural lifestyle,” Kowalski said about the council. “Which we achieve by throwing by holding community building events such as pub nights, movie nights and other such events.”

She went on to say that the council offers resources for MAD. students who wish to find work in their chosen fields after graduation, and by offering students places to showcase their creativity, and help them build valuable relationships with working professionals.

It was that thinking that helped Kowalski come up with the SoMAD awards, which will be having its second annual show in February.

The awards showcase the hard work done by students in the Media, Art and Design (MAD) programs at Durham College.

Kowalski decided to come to Durham College after attending classes at Ryerson, after she realized the program she took was not what she wanted to do.

“I completed two years at Ryerson University in the Radio and Television Arts program,” she said.  She majored in Audio Production, and decided to take a completely different program instead of taking a year off.

“I had always had an interest in criminology,” Kowalski said. “So, I applied for the Police Foundations program at Durham College.”

After completing a year in that program, she noticed that Durham was going to be offering a Photography course.

“I had been doing Photography on the side as a hobby for about four years when I heard about the program being offered,” she said. “I decided to switch into that program and follow my love of photography.”

Kowalski will be graduating from the Digital Photography program in April of 2013.



School of Media, Art and Design masquerade

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The Society of Media, Art & Design hosted a masquerade party at EP Taylor’s to raise money for the soMAD Awards. DC News reporter Adam Frauts was there to unmask some details.