Campus Athletics talk Super Bowl Sundays

January 31st, 2011 | Sports | No Comments »

Campus Athletics is ready for a hut-ting good time on Sunday for Super Bowl 45.

Story, image and audio by Miranda Roach

With the 45th annual Super Bowl just six days away, people are stocking up on chips, drinks and the usual must-have munchies for the big day.

Super Bowl Sunday is known as one of the craziest and most exciting times of the year for football fans – aside from Christmas.

Even though people in the U.S. celebrate big, we Canadians here on campus have our own favourite traditions. The Campus Athletics department for DC and UOIT plan to celebrate in different ways this weekend.

Sports Information and Marketing Coordinator Scott Dennis is kicking back with friends and indulging in a home-cooked pot of chilli. “I haven’t missed a Super Bowl since I remember and I’ve always liked football,” he said. “I usually sit down with friends, cheer on our favourite team and crack jokes for fun.”

Web co-ordinator and Athletics officer Karen Richards is sticking with the family approach this year. “I usually go with whatever my husband decides to do,” she said. “I might even do some things around the house before getting cozy on the couch.”

While some of us are looking forward to relaxing in front of the big screen, others might be missing the live action.

Athletic officer and Program co-ordinator Michael Duggan might be spending the day at his son’s hockey game if they make the next round of the playoffs. “If we’re not there we’ll definitely be at home watching the game,” he said. “He’s really into football so I usually watch with him.”

Mixed emotions sifted through the department as some were for Green Bay and others for Pittsburgh.

Game day is almost here, so if you don’t have plans make yourself some delicious eats and invite some friends over for the day. Anything goes on Super Bowl Sundays as long as you’re having fun.

Click below to listen to Dennis share his Super Bowl traditions with DC News.